A three game set of 850 or more happens maybe once a year in Norway. Tuesday Kjell Arne Nilsen bowled a 897 series, which is most likely the highest three series set ever in Norway.

BowlingNytt (translated: BowlingNews) have done research about the highest three game series in any sanctioned play, but this 897 series looks to be the highest series rolled in Norway. Kjell Arne Nilsen bowled 299,299,299 to end up with the 897 series. According to his Facebook page it was the 7 pin standing in all three games.

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The left handed used the Storm Bowling Crux in all three games and it is his first sanctioned 800+ series. He destroyed his former sanctioned record of 769 set in November last year.

This article is also available in Norwegian here.

897 series
Team score sheet. Photo: Private